Redeeming Perfection

When man became a living soul and started to open his eyes, the face that he first saw, was the very face of God. It was all about beauty in its maximum perfection. The most glorious moment that even the heavenly hosts were longing to behold for countless years, and in an instance, was bestowed to a being that was just created out from the dust. For who does have the most glorious countenance, but God, and who does can even stare at His radiance except the one who has His appearance. Surely, a commotion in the heavenly hosts was forming. Rumors, speculations, and even envy may have aroused, that one of the mightiest of angels have dared to abandoned his post, that for just once, he will have this very chance to experience what it feels like to behold the one behind the blinding light. A desire that have gone too far, that led him to rebel to the most high and caused many others to follow. What is it in this creation that the Supreme Being has chosen to reveal his majesty? That the fullness of His beauty was laid bare into this once invaluable being? Well, no one could ever fathom the depths of His heart. He controls everything, yet, His always gentle. He prefers choice over force, mercy over judgment, and grace over weaknesses. So man was accustomed to this perfection, yet he still needs to be one. Every moment, God would talk to him, would fellowship with him so he would reach his maximum potential. He doesn’t need to seek God, God shows up. He doesn’t need faith, he sees what he gets. He doesn’t need to read God’s word, he hears it. He doesn’t need to pray, God is talking to him every day. What a life, living in a paradise, an environment where the only lack is to have a need.  Though his enjoying every moment, God saw something that would cause Him to explode the minds of the entire creation again. He made a helper to the man, a woman, to be his wife, that they would become like Him, able to reproduce their kind. Then the dreadful time happened. At the brink of multiplication, the man fell. He had disobeyed God and was cast out from His presence. Suddenly, the perfection he once had was gone. The perfect world, sadly, is now out of his hands. In an instance, it got drifted away that would soon become like a fantasy. The glory has turned into a memory that every day is fading away.  He would look around finding answers only to find himself trapped in a painful and sad reminiscence. Is there any hope for restoration? Is there any chance to bring back the old times? Surely, there’s none and how could he even desire to go back in time, when he knew that time is not on his side? It appeared to have existed to cause him pain, and that if it’s possible to go back in the past, it would just double the anguish that he would face and won’t give him a chance to go back to where he is at present. Is there a possibility to have a way out or is there someone like him who was able to get out of this misery? No, there’s surely none, for he’s the one that have caused all creation to suffer. No one would ever be able to get out of this loop called time. It’s always the same, there’s nothing new anymore. It’s just acting like its making things new, but as it passes, its true intention would be revealed. It seems that it gives hope by causing someone to get birthed, start a very fresh life, with no corruption in mind and heart, possessing a being that’s pure in every way in man’s eyes, but as it ages, it falls into the same trap again. Life is just given for a glimpse of time that before you he knew it, it’s already gone. Before he can value it, it already had slipped out of his hands.  Time is evil, and there’s a need for it to be redeemed, just like him. But how could it be redeemed when all creation that exists are already under it? If only there’s someone that’s not a part of the cycle, that didn’t exist in time. If only he can find this being. If only he can deliver a message to anybody out there to come and rescue him. But is anybody even listening? Is anybody even would dare to come to him and be part of the system he hates? For sure there would be none. It’s useless to hope when he knew it won’t happen, and would just add weight to his frustrations. So what’s the meaning of having life that offers nothing but pain?  To have life is to have hate. Hate for all the things he had done. Hate for all the memories he had left. Is there an end to all this mess, where the only sure things are uncertainties? Perhaps there is, but for as what he can see, there’s none. Well, all these things don’t make sense but it doesn’t matter, no one cares, for everyone is facing the same reality. So as man’s options are all gone, and as he has given up and have accepted his fate, then the unthinkable happens again. It appeared that someone from the other side have heard his cry. Someone who’s appearance is just like him, for He is the Son of the one who created him. He had watched every movement of His Father’s hands as He was finishing His masterpiece. And as He saw that he was perfectly created, just like “Them”, He was also very pleased.  That memory has been playing on His mind as He hears and sees his cries. He felt all his agony, as if He’s him. It’s a compassion that will lead Him to a decision, to be sent for humanity’s redemption. It’s a decision that will need Him to abandon what He has, and become just like them. He made the choice that would blow all the heavenly beings’ understanding. He stepped down from His glorious throne, entered into time, and abandoned all of His power by submitting into the system that was corrupted by the one that He’s about to rescue. Now, the pressure has suddenly shifted to the heavenly realm. The dimension that doesn’t understand impossibilities, are now have being exposed to the level where humans should only have. How would it be possible for Him to redeem someone who’s destined for destruction and has been locked in a corrupted system without the power He possessed that made Him the prince of Heaven? They would be watching His every move for whatever happens to Him could also be happening to them. If He fails, then heaven is no longer the place of perfection. Heaven would be a replica of the fallen world. As He had entered man’s world, and made His way up, encountering the same temptations, the same frustrations, the same environment where everything is hopeless and the same longing to just end all of this chaos with just one command, have found the way to salvation. Though He is subjected to the corruption of the world, but his will is only subjected to the One who sent Him. He and His Word are one, and His Word has no end. Heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word will last forever. He would demonstrate love in its deepest sense and that is to die and gave His life for His friends. It’s the only way to set the people free from the endless loop of time for He knew that even if He dies, He will live again, and He did. He was dead, but has risen back to life through perfecting the Father’s will. Man’s world was destroyed through disobedience, and now, it was restored through obedience. The first man has failed, but the second one has triumph. Now the endless loops of births and deaths have ended, for He has offered back life in eternity. But men need to have a choice. Just like how the Son did it, so does he, to get His freedom. He needs to abandon what he has now and follow Christ to enter into the life He offered. The life he once had will be brought back to him again, but only when he chooses to believe in the Father’s Son, Jesus Christ. This is faith. This is redeeming perfection.

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