June 05, 2019

It’s a about a year now and I’m back to metro manila to pursue a Bachelor in Theology degree. Things went out great in Iligan after my mother passed away, I was exposed to several places preaching the Lord Jesus Christ which is a great honor for me. Biological family relationship getting better too, but just having heavy burden for the youth in my birth place, but I know I have to gain more experience and wisdom on how to lead, and beside, I have to test my leadership too. If I’m fruitful, then I know I’m ready for Iligan. Preparation is needed for the coming revival that would be again rekindled in that place. Revival is messy, and we don’t want to commit the same mistakes again where we’re unable to sustain the fire and almost all were casualties. By God’s grace and in His time, His will be done, in Jesus name.

July 30, 2018

Trouble keeps going and each time, I’m becoming a better man. It’s just so painful, for my mother passed away on the 23rd of July, just last week due to internal organ failure. She was diagnosed with a breast cancer and due to the reason that she reported the tumor late, and as she was diabetic, it made the matter even more complicated. Well, actually, we have very high hope of her healing for we have faith and the treatment was unconventional, though very expensive too. Her doctor, who’s also my cousin, personally took care of her, and let her stay at her house for close monitoring. It has made a very good progress, but as the medicines are not available in the Philippines, my cousin needed to order it directly from Germany using her personal funds, and just offered us a favor to pay her when we can. My mother was a warrior, a cancer survivor during her early 30’s (it was a different cancer), and she was healed by divine intervention. God healed her totally without the use of medicines and as a result, she committed herself to serve God, she became a pastor. She never backed down, she endured the hardships, been accused and been into trial courts but God had smiled on her, God fought for her. And as she always knew that God’s supernatural power always works, she just needed the faith, she again, had stepped in to the unknown, by surrendering her condition totally to God, without taking medicines, for she said, when God wills to heal her, it won’t be due to the medicines. I was on another city at this time, not even knowing that she had decided this. I thought she was still under medication. I know perhaps, of the reasons also that she had decided to stop medicating, for she don’t want to be a burden to us anymore. She don’t want to see me, getting burdened, as when we spoke one time, eating together, and she mentioned about her condition, I just wasn’t able to speak anymore. When I came back, I wasn’t able to see her for she chose to stay with her relatives at her province of her childhood. She wanted to win them for Christ, and to do the ministry of reconciliation. Her mission was successful, reconciliation happened. She was also had freed herself from all the hurts, bitterness in the past. Her heart was so pure when she went home and was accompanied by angels. As her doctor also says, healing has two parts, internal and external. And though she wasn’t cured physically, but she was totally healed internally. God does works marvelously. He’s always true to His promise, that He’s the God who heals. All glory, honor, power, belongs to Him, in Christ Jesus.

May 02, 2018

It’s been 9 months now that I’ve last updated this page. A lot things changed, my nephew, is now about to be a father at 18 years old. It’s frustrating, but hope arises during circumstances. My mother’s not in good shape, and we’re in for a big challenge in our finances. But in spite of, we choose to praise the Lord. This what brings real praise, we give God praises, not because of, but inspite of. It’s all because of Christ. ^_^

July 31-August 06, 2017

Week is not good, but not bad either, however, it’s not in God’s standard. He the deserves the best, and I didn’t give it to Him. And guess what, He still chose to help me when I needed Him. He even gave me this professional Ukulele from Italy to help with the LIFEgroup. The LIFEgroup at Ate Pely’s house still growing in the quantity and numbers, all glory and praises to Christ alone. I’ll bounce back, it’s His love that leads me to repentance.

LIFEgroup (from left: Mark, Jayson, Satur, Sheila (1st timer), Teward, Earl, Abigail (1st timer), Grachel (1st timer), me, John Jacob, Ate Nelly (just happened to visit)     TOPIC: FAITH “stands” (1 Cor. 13:13)

July 23-30, 2017

What a week. I’ve started it with complete devotion, and ended with a LIFEgroup. Started personal, and ended sharing to others. There’s more to life when you’re following God’s path and not your own. So much fulfillment, yet, looking forward for more. It’s totally different, for you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction that would give you more reason to live and to hope for a brighter tomorrow, and to wait for the Lord’s promise. ^_^

Lifegroup at Ate Pely’s house: from left (Paul, Jason, Earl, John Jacob, Erl, Sharm, Me, Mark) TOPIC: Love – “waits” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7