Finding North


Life is a journey as we all know. And though we’re sure of the path we’re going, there are moments that we face unforeseen situations that would cause us delays, detours, and even to go back where we’re from. To some, this would just be fine as long as they can still continue and be able to reach their destination despite the time, but to others, this will be a disaster, a career-ending or a relationship-breaking, perhaps. Well, no matter how we see it, the truth is, it’s part of life, and its what makes it compelling. And what’s even more thought provoking is that when you’re heading into a journey where you know the location, but you don’t know which way to go. And as you follow your conviction, along the way, you’ll just find yourself lost. This may be alright when you’re lost in the city as you can ask many people that may still be able to lead you the way, but what if you’re in a journey where you needed to go through the wilderness, and alone? This would be a life-threatening experience, but surely, a life-changing too, where you’ll normally face just two conditions. Either, you’ll get out alive and tell your stories that would inspire and teach others how to go through when they’ll face that same experience, or, you’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere, and be heard no more. So you may think that this may be true to a certain adventurous person, but not you, as you won’t really go into a journey where you’re not even sure of the way. But take a deeper look into this, this is what exactly what life is all about. No matter how careful and smart you are, you’ll still at times, find yourself alone and lost, and don’t know where to go, and you’re just stuck. You go to your friends and then go home, still lost. You’re stuck on your own world, so desperately wanting to get out, and help is just far beyond your reach. It’s like getting lost in the wilderness, where you’re certainties are all vague imaginations. We’re all facing this crucial reality of life, where uncertainties are as hard as stones, but as hollow as clouds.

So where to go?

Recent psychology studies show that when you’re lost, the best way to find your way out is to find north, and face it. Get a map, and you’re on your way to getting out of trouble. Even there is an old saying, from the ancient times, that “if you want to go and find God, just go north”. There’s a huge relation here in finding north to give us a direction on finding our way back or be able to reach our destination, even in our spiritual life. I would say that this will even be more significant in the spirit, as it all happens there before it happens in the physical world. In the Bible, when north is mentioned, it usually speaks about moving forward and seeing the splendor and majesty of God. Like in the Book of Deuteronomy 2:3, God said to Moises, “You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north”. This was the time when the Israelites were stuck in the wilderness and God is telling them that it’s now time to take what has been promised to them. God don’t want them to settle for less. And in Job 37:22, it says “Out of the north comes golden splendor; Around God is awesome majesty”. Something in the North that would relate to right direction and goodness. So the key here is to find north, but how?

Literally, when your lost in a remote place, there are ways that you can do to find north. During the day, you may use the stick-shadow method, where the tip of stick’s shadow will lead you the west, and after 15 to 30 minutes, it will lead you to east, and you’ll just stand on those two points, where your left feet is on the west, and your right on the east, and there, you’re facing north. Take note that compass is inaccurate at times, for its reading will depend on what geolocation you’re as it will lead you to the magnetic north (earth’s magnet), and not the true north. And during night, you’ll just substitute stars for the sun. You can look for the north star where you’ll draw an imaginary line between the big dipper and small dipper’s last row of stars, then from the small dipper’s line point, to the ground, that will be your north. However, north star is not visible to other locations, so you’ll be finding a group of 5 stars that will lead you to the north, which is very interesting, for the stars should formed into a “cross”. Then from the cross’ long axis that will be formed from the stars, at about 5 times its size, you’ll draw an imaginary line, from its base, then from it, draw a line going to the ground, and it will lead you to south, where the opposite is the true north. However, what about the days that there won’t be a sun, nor stars to give you a direction? Then, this may be your end, or a new beginning. This is where faith is needed. You can’t hope without faith, and it’s even hard to live and love if you won’t believe first. You can’t experience extra ordinary things when faith is not involved. Faith started a whole new world. Even people who chose not to believe in God needed even much more faith to believe that everything just started as a stardust. Nobody could ever tell and observe that something came out from stardust, so it takes more faith to believe that God is not the creator of all. It takes more faith to believe that human studies were all true and correct, only to find out in the latter days that another more accurate studies would emerge. Are we getting it? Our choices are all based on beliefs. So the question is not about whether you believe or not, for at some point, we clearly have believed on something, but is that belief the truth? How can we know that it’s the truth? When it leads you to life, then it’s the truth. When it leads to salvation, from death to life, from darkness to light, and from getting lost and be found again, then it’s the truth. It’s not based on temporary things, that you can live a day, then die tomorrow, for truth remains. And nobody has ever claimed and proven all of that, except the one who had existed before the time began, and made Himself visible, and gave us the pattern of life, but only the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s why the Word of God says “believe” and you’ll be saved. Belief in Him causes a new creation to exist (2 Corinthians 5:17). People who had perished in the wilderness in the old testament times were all had belief issues, and we can learn from them. Their fate could bring us faith. When they decide not to believe in God, their hope started to fade, and love vanished, and they’re already dead even before they’d breath their last. They may had believed, but they’ve believed in a lie, which is just as close as nothing. Truth will set us free, the Bible says, and this is our way out in life’s struggle for success.

Finding North means, finding God, for direction and to see His splendor. To know which way to go for the glory of His name. God’s glory is not cheap that you can just easily find it where ever you chose to. That you can see it even if you’ll do whatever it is that seems pleasing to you. Finding it would mean that you have to apply methods that will lead you to it. And God purposely has set the methods we see in the day time, use the rays of the sun during the day, and the brightness of the stars at night, all can be found up above, which simply signifies, that the direction to life is just all from there where already has been given just in case you would like to rely on your perceptions. But, when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and lost your way, and all your senses don’t make sense anymore, the easiest fix is, as the Bible says, set your mind on things that are above and not on things that are below (Colossians 3:2). Activate faith on the Lord Jesus Christ, to find God, then surely, you’ll find the true north.


Published by Vince – 05/02/2018