Be Loved To Love

“66 Then the servant told Isaac all he had done. 67 Isaac brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah, and he married Rebekah. So she became his wife, and he loved her; and Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death.” – Genesis 24


I’ve read an article from “http://israelbiblicalstudies.com” regarding this remarkable love story in the Bible, the love story of Isaac and Rebecca. There’s somehow a very unique kind of love that both have shared, specially on Isaac’s side. I’ve learned that the Hebrew word for love on this passage is “ahav” which was used for the very first time. And in fact, this “love” word was just used twice in the “torah” (5 books of Moises), where God tested Abraham to sacrifice is “beloved” son, Isaac and the other one was when Isaac loved Rebecca. Surely, Abraham must have shown this extra-ordinary kind of love to his son Isaac, that God noticed, and appeared to have already been equaled to Him. No wonder why God needed to test Abraham if he’ll choose to love Isaac more than Him. When Abraham choose to love God more, by obeying Him, God revealed to Abraham that He’s the God who sees and provides (Jehova Jireh). We can tell that as Isaac received this genuine love, so he learned how to give the same kind of love to Rebeccah, who agreed to be his wife. From this story based on God’s Word, God wanted to show us that you can only love genuinely when you’re being loved genuinely. And in our times, for sure, there are always limitations on human’s love, and only the love of the Heavenly Father is perfect. And He gave this kind of love to His one and only begotten son, Jesus. This is no secret, for Jesus have shown us this love by giving His life as a ransom for our debts. If you haven’t yet encountered this kind of love, naturally, you’ll end up loving differently. Though you know what love is all about, but if you haven’t experienced it in real life, you’ll end up not capable in giving a genuine love. It’s time to examine ourselves on what kind of love we’re getting and we’re perceiving. Perhaps, you’re looking for somebody to love you, and when someone appeared to do so, and you’ll in turn have loved the person, well, watch out, soon, you’ll be breaking the person’s heart, as well as your own. We need to encounter the love of Jesus genuinely first, and experience it in our daily lives, and when our satisfaction is Jesus, for sure, we can do the same to others, and to the person whom God has prepared for you as your better half, if you’re single, and if you’re married, the one whom you chose to be in loved with. Be genuinely loved to love genuinely.


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