The True Avenger

Numbers 35 (NIV)

The idea of avenger can actually be found in the Bible, where God had instructed Moises to create cities of refuge for those who killed someone accidentally, and be delivered from the hands of the avenger of blood. The person then who accidentally killed someone needed to stay in the city of refuge until the high priest dies. This is intended to save the life of the person and while the case is also under investigation. I find this very interesting, for God actually designed this purposely for He Himself, would also be doing it to save humanity and to set the land from the curse due to bloodshed. It’s just so mind boggling for in God’s story, He avenges Himself against His own blood. Even He, the Creator, didn’t exempt Himself from being avenged of blood. We all know in the Bible accounts, that God instructed His people to wipe out all the inhabitants of the land due to their immorality and evil practices, like human sacrifice, idol worship, sodomy, and other nasty things like acting as if they’re animals and not humans. God is just so just and fair, that in order to save human’s fall, He allowed men to also avenge the blood of their kin that were shed, by subjecting Himself under men’s most brutal way of executing a murderer. He was being labeled as one of the murderers. This is jaw-dropping truth for we know that God has all the reasons why He chose even all the infants, children, women to die with either through swords, or natural disasters and calamity due to the insane practice of the people on that land. Christ crucifixion was a total package of redemption. God said, vengeance is mind, and He shed His Son’s blood on the cross as a ransom and as a price for all the mankind’s troubles, in the past, at present, and in the future to come. Are you angry at God? Well, if you’ll just see what God sees, you would realize that whatever happened to you, actually is good for you and for everyone else surrounding you for it’s the only way for you to reach your full potential if you’ll chose to look at the bright side. And gaze at Jesus, He’s God, and He took the blame and the shame for it.  Don’t play reasons with your mind, for it will always betray you. Have faith. Look at Jesus, the author and the finisher of faith. God is the true avenger.


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